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The first album: "Devil's On The Radio"
Posted on Wednesday, 06 2014 09:36pm

Saffell - Devil's on the RadioWe have made demos, we have even made an EP or two. Finally, we buckled down and finished a full length studio album. We are not short on material, in fact we have over two more albums worth of finished material waiting to be recorded. Our last self titled, 7 song EP contains a few of the same tracks that are found on our new album "Devil's On The Radio", despite the fact that there is a backlog of material to be recorded. But now they have been recorded properly. Some of these songs are like children that have been with me for over 10 years. I couldn't let there final recorded materialization be on a poorly recorded EP. Now We are satisfied with the recording of the 12 songs on this album, and can now move on after years of trying to capture their sound with limited resources. We finally did it right.

I vacillate between "I" and "we" because "I", as the songwriter have been trying to gather musicians, to perform and record these songs for over 13 years now. But "we", the musicians I have been working with over the last 3 years, are the ones who made this album possible (Even if it was a rotating cast). In just the last three years contributors have been... Doug Hafich-Bass, Aidan Collins-Bass (on the album). Currently helping by touring the album with us is Matt Pasquale on Bass. Ben Lack-drums, Sean England-Drums. On the album and touring with us for the last two years is Bill O'Donnell on drums.

It's never a straight road, but we didn't stop. Finally, "Devil's On The Radio" is printed and out there for whomever comes across it.