An old piano lands in the house when Saffell is in forth grade.

He opens the lid and sees what looks like miles of black and White keys. His eyes go wide and Saffell begins to tinker. Having already won the School writing contest at La Fiesta Elementary school, landing his photo in the local paper, lyrics were soon to find there way into Saffell’s new musical expression. By high school Saffell had gathered an early repertoire of original songs. He went on to mentor privately with renowned touring and recording artist Doc Collins and in addition earned his associates degree in music in Santa Cruz. In School Saffell learned theory but with Doc he learned that and more, the discipline
and art of good songwriting.

Alongside Saffell’s passion for music was his talent with a paintbrush, his quest for spiritual practice and a longing to travel. By a series of serendipitous events Saffell found himself on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota at a Lakota Sioux Sundance Ceremony. Just a 19 year old white kid from California participating in an ancient sweat lodge ceremony. Two years later he found him self in Florida at an ashram learning kria yoga with a revered master from India. These would prove to be only the beginning of an ongoing adventure in spiritual discovery and practice.

All these experiences and more have found there way into Saffells lyrics and music. Singing about moments of awakening, as well as the trials of our shared human mistakes and moments of darkness. Like all of us Saffell has had to face his own demons and personal loss. Not the least of which was the passing of his mother when he was 7. Through all of this Saffell has continued to evolve and mature as a songwriter and as a human being.

He currently performs as a trio, with Bill O’Donnell on Drums and Matt Pasquale on bass.

Saffell is based in Northern California and his blend of groove, originality, and natural talent is capturing the attention of music lovers up and down the state. At first listen the rhythm and hook, the slide and swagger of Saffels music will grab you. But there is also a depth to Saffell’s songs and lyrics that doesn’t readily present itself.

Like all great music, these songs keep delivering the more you listen. Ultimately inviting you into the childlike wonder of music that we all share. Like a child opening a piano for the first time.