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The band Saffell is a trio of musicians led by pianist/songwriter Saffell Sproul, with  Bill O’Donnell on drums and Aidan Collins on bass.  For three people, this band makes allot of music! 
Saffell’s new album “Devil’s On The Radio” is a good example of how less can be more. From the first track “Back Home” and through the entire album, the band establishes their sound of being a tight, funky trio.  Band leader Saffell’s formal music training shows through with well-written crisp songs and arrangements. Shifting grooves that will take you from rock to reggae in one song, a left turn when you expect a right.
Many musicians are tempted embellish their studio recordings with layers of overdubs and instrumentation that’s not part of the band. Then when you see the band live, it’s not at all what the album was, or the album sounds nothing like the band.  This album is the antidote for that. What you see is what you get, three highly talented musicians playing through excellent tunes. Most of the recording was done at Prairie Sun Recording in Cotati, and it shows with excellent tones that make this album a pleasure to listen to. Straightforward, organic and real. If you have the chance to see them live, you won’t be disappointed.
-Andre de Channes

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Santa Rosa Press Democrat

"With local roots tying them to both Sonoma and Solano counties, the North Bay band has been rapidly making waves around the bay, despite the short time they’ve been playing together as a band. Their original songs take on a familiar feel, with hints of blues and funk lining the notes of rock and roll. And the trio have come up with the perfect recipe for an entertaining music experience." Crissi Langwell - Press Democrat